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The Flower Street

  • imdb-logo 6.4 / 10

Flower Street is a place where people from the jungle live, and the street is a place where people from the marketplace gather. Zhaogou and his wife, Bai Lanhua, make a living as singers in the House of Delight and have a daughter, Daping. Daping enrolls in school, and her best friend Lian Bao is also helped by Zhaogou to learn the art, and later moves on to work as an apprentice in a factory. During the war, Zhaoxu's family fled, but his grandmother insisted on staying behind. Zhaogou is separated from his wife and daughter on the road; Daping wanders around with his mother and sells songs, and after a few twists and turns, he and his mother are able to return to Flower Street.

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