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    Film historian, writer and dean of film critics in Egypt and the Arab world known for his encyclopedic film culture for more than 50 years. He was born on October 5, 1931. He graduated from the French Language Department at the Faculty of Arts, Cairo University in 1955. He worked in journalism and film criticism. He was on the editorial board of the “Theater and Cinema” magazine, which was published in 1968. He was one of the founders of the Egyptian Film Critics Association in the seventies, then became president. After that, Shafiq left for France and became one of the prominent references to the currents of French cinema. The late translated film scripts, including (She Lived Her Life), which was directed by Jean-Luc Godard in 1962. Shafiq directed documentaries, including (Rhythm) 1967, (The Makers of Melody) 1968, and (Cairo As I See It) 2007, in addition to two television series in the field of science fiction, (Tower of the Hoopoes). ) 1995 and (Qumra and Amora) 1999. He also wrote and directed a feature film entitled (The Convergence) starring Omar Khurshid and Madiha Kamel in 1972, but the film was delayed in the cinema until 1977 "due to censorship.". He died at the age of 84, alone in his home without anyone feeling it, as the late gave his life to cinematic art and directing a number of high-end films in addition to his constructive criticism from which many learned and were apprenticed at his hands.