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    Born in Montevideo (Uruguay) in 1933, he was a Uruguayan director, actor, playwright and novelist who later adopted Venezuelan nationality. He began his career as a radio actor at an early age. Determined to continue his acting career, he became part of the community of independent theater actors in Montevideo. There, seduced by direction rather than acting, Ulive developed his talent as a director of Theater and Lighting. At the same time, he explored the world of cinema by carrying out several short-term film projects. In 1961 he left for Havana, where he directed the National Theater of Cuba, continued his inclinations for the cinema, and founded the National School of Dramatic Arts, where he taught for several years. After a brief stay in Montevideo (1966-1967), an independent theater invited Ulive to work in Caracas (Venezuela) for a duration of three months, but he remained there for the rest of his life. There he continued his passion for theater and lighting direction, for cinema, dramaturgy and novels. In 1993, Ulive received the National Theater Award, recognition of the highest value in Venezuela.