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    Director of Guangxi Film Studio. At the age of seventeen Wu Yinxun had a strong interest in literature, drama, music, and performance. After graduating from junior high school in 1949, he joined the Xiangtan Prefectural Party Committee to build a cultural troupe. In 1953, he transferred from Hunan to Beijing, and successively edited and commented on film publications at the "Popular Film" magazine and China Film Publishing House. Articles in movies, his articles do not follow the trend, have their own unique insights.

    In 1979, Wu Yinxun was transferred to Guangxi Film Studio as a screenwriter and director. "It's Annoying" was the first film he directed. Due to lack of practical experience, lens processing, scene editing, film rhythm, and actor performance, etc., all seemed indifferent. After maturity, he directed other films such as "Gu Lost Oneself" and "Heart Spring". Although his director skills improved at this time, the film also became naturally smooth, but his personal style was not expressed. Recognizing this, he began to seriously look for scripts that fit his style. In 1982, when he saw the literary script of "Chunhui", he thought that he found a book that matched his style, so he worked with the screenwriter to research the film to avoid fancy and artificial carving. After the film was released, the audience Feeling that the film is very real, natural and simple, Wu Yinxun finally has his own artistic style. "Chunhui" has a high artistic mood, both elegant and popular, and won the 1982 Outstanding Film Award of the Ministry of Culture. In 1986, his style innovation appeared again in the film "Vagabonds and Swans". In addition to directing films, Wu Yinxun has successively served as the fifth director of the China Film Association and vice chairman of the Guangxi Branch of the Film Association.