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    Zoran Čalić (Belgrade, March 4, 1931 — Belgrade, November 10, 2014) was a Serbian director and screenwriter.

    He acquired film knowledge at Kino Klub Beograd. In 1967, he completed an accelerated semester for film workers, which lasted about two months, and thus entered the profession. In that period, he wrote two extremely high-quality scenarios of the action genre, which were accepted, but were not realized due to insufficient financial resources. Čalić is known to a wider audience for the series of films under the name Crazy Years or Žika's Dynasty. For the films Crazy Years and It's Time to Try Love, he was awarded at international festivals: Ormina on Sicily, twice in Salerno, the UNICEF award in Abruzzo and Alexandria. He wrote the script for the theater play Žika's Dynasty.

    He died on November 10, 2014 in Belgrade at the age of 84.