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    Soviet hockey player, defender. In 1963 he graduated from the school of trainers of the Military Faculty at the P.F. Lesgaft State Double-Order Institute of Physical Culture. Olympic champion and world champion in 1956, the best defender of the world in 1958 and 1961. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR (1956). He played in tandem with Nikolai Sologubov. Both began their sports journey in the Far East. It was on the recommendation of Sologubov that Tregubov was invited to Moscow. Sologubov spoke of his partner like this: “I did not know an athlete more resilient than my friend. Now add to the amazing physical endurance, enormous power, the subtlety and acuteness of the so-called game thinking, unrestrained, sometimes too over-zealous courage, a cannon throw (“Tregubov can cut off his leg with a throw,” they said about him) and you will see an impenetrable defender. ” During the throw, Tregubov always tricked - then he paused, then instead of a throw he gave a pass to the far post to his partner. Tregubov almost never used forceful methods, and yet he never lost one on one to any of the opponents. In Canada, Tregubov was nicknamed "Ivan the Terrible" for a powerful athletic game. Possessing high speed and maneuverability when running with his back to the front, he rolled away, kept the necessary distance all the time and knocked the puck out of his rivals thanks to his mastery of the club. In 1962, Tregubov was expelled from CSKA. He, along with Singer and a group of young hockey players, transferred to SKA (Kuibyshev), where the trainer was a former army player Vinogradov. For two seasons he was the leader in Kuibyshev, but then received a severe leg injury and went to Moscow. Here the coach of the Sunday “Chemist” Nikolai Epstein came to him and offered to continue his career. Tregubov could only play for Khimik for a season - violations of the regime nullified the possibility of returning to a high level. Introduced into the Domestic Hockey Hall of Fame.