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    Manuela Ruiz Penella known as Emma Penella (Madrid, March 2, 1931 - Ibidem, August 27, 2007) was a Spanish film, theater and television actress.

    Daughter of the politician Ramón Ruiz Alonso and Magdalena Penella Silva, granddaughter of the composer Manuel Penella Moreno, great-granddaughter of the also musician Manuel Penella Raga, sister of the also actresses Elisa Montés (1934) and Terele Pávez (1939-2017). She married film producer Emiliano Piedra with whom she had three daughters: Emma, Lola and Emiliana. She was also the aunt of the actress Emma Ozores (daughter of her sister Elisa Montés and the actor Antonio Ozores).

    Actress of marked personality and prestige since the 1950s, she triumphed in cinema thanks to films such as Luis García Berlanga's El verdugo (The Executioner) and maintained intense theatrical activity. She renewed her popularity in her later years participating in the television series Aquí no hay quien viva (2003-2006) and La que se avecina (2007).


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